organizes the development, production and distribution of BAMBOX bamboo kits for recreation, education and training. Environment-friendly games and kits which are durable, have an excellent quality and are a nice alternative for plastic and wooden game material.

Natural alternative wishes to bring bamboo to the attention of a broad and young public. There seems to be a lot of interest in the educational kits both with the creative and technique subjects and with natural science and mathematics. By stimulating the usage of bamboo the attention is also drawn to our surroundings and the multicultural society. The purchase of BAMBOX teaching packages will therefore become a well-considered choice in which education and environment will go hand in hand. Using bamboo is a well-considered choice for nature!

Environment-friendly teaching package

Bamboo sticks from local plantations in China are used for the BAMBOX packages. Bamboo is extremely suitable for small-scale cultivation by the local population. Cultivating bamboo is very environment-friendly since trees don't have to be chopped. After all, bamboo isn't a tree but a kind of grass which is reproduced continuously from a root system. No other 'wood' produces so much material (biomass) in such a short time. A well-managed bamboo forest keeps renewing itself underground and, in this way, will form an endless source for new sticks and posts which are reaped aboveground. By chopping the bamboo trunks selectively the root system will remain intact; this doesn't only prevent erosion but also contributes to a good water management.

Bamboo per mail!

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